Turquoise & Sandalwood Knotted Anklet
Turquoise & Sandalwood Knotted Anklet

Turquoise & Sandalwood Knotted Anklet

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The Daily Wear necklaces are the most durable necklaces, bracelets and Anklets Wandering Willow Designs has to offer. Each stone is individually knotted for extra security strength and can be pulled on by those little ones and no harm will come! 

The best part, the Daily Wear Line necklaces and bracelets are all adjustable, from 16-26” necklaces, 6.25-10” bracelets and Anklets 9-13” fitting most sizes AND the back adjustable clasp stays in the back! After testing, only a few times did I wake up with it on the side. I only removed for showers for 2 months and its still going strong!

Each necklace and bracelet are made with real gemstones, no glass or acrylic, so you can enjoy them for the look and the color or for the healing properties listed below! Regardless how you want to wear your necklace, you will love it and enjoy the security, durability and flexibility of the Daily Wear Line

Disclaimer: when you first put on your necklace, the cording needs to get worked in a little bit. Just know this is normal. Put the pull string clasp in the front of your neck and pull to avoid pulling any little hairs on the back of the neck.

Item Specific Description:

Main base stones are African Turquoise, Sandalwood and Agate finished off with a copper spiral charm. Another one that is very down to earth and grounding to the wearer.