Payment Disclaimer

Welcome to Wandering Willow Designs! This is a Artisan shop, where everything is handmade, handled and designed with care. 

You are purchasing items that are handmade, and not made by a factory. Human Error is possible but we always aim to please and try to make issues correct as fast as possible. Please contact us if you have any questions or issues with your order so we can fix it! 


Payment plans are available either through Sezzle WITH A REQUIRED MIN ORDER OF $75 TO USE, or LayBuy by PayPal. What's the difference and what's right for you?

Sezzle: Sezzle offers you the opportunity to make 4 payments every 2 weeks through your account you set up. The items are paid to the merchant right away, so there is no waiting to receive your products or wait for items to be made and paid off. This all can happen right away for you, working your plan out through Sezzle. THERE IS A MINIMUM OF $75 TO USE SEZZLE. You cannot use this service with an order under $75. So set up your plan at 25% deposit right away, pay every 2 weeks, but get your products before your order is paid. 

LayBuy by PayPal: This service can be used for any dollar amount payments are made in full within 3 months from the start of setting up your plan. Products will not be available to you until your payment plan is marked as PAID. After your plan is paid off, your products will ship, or your order will then be made. 

Everything paid in full will ship right away or as fast as the designer is allowed. This may be 2-4 weeks after your payment is paid in full, but try to send products out as fast as possible. Again most items are handmade and made to order. Please allow time and have patients seeing there is one person making all the material Erin Erhardt.