Fidget Anxiety Ring
Fidget Anxiety Ring
Fidget Anxiety Ring

Fidget Anxiety Ring

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A ring that can save the day! When you have anxiety or even a person than picks their fingers, this ring is for you! 

Move the 10 steel beads around the ring, with centering the steel beads, a steel rose bead, and get that relief of a fidget. 

Included is the card stock saying you see in the photos and a ring box. You choose the size needed. Is adjustable but for an accurate fit and fidget, a size is required. 


XS 3-4 

Small: 5-7

Medium: 8-9

Large: 10-12 

XL: 13-15

DISCLAIMER: Please avoid water and hand sanitizer. Please remove before hand washing, dishes, swimming, showering etc.. The beads are made of stainless steel but the ring is a tarnish resistant wire as if exposed to water often, it can tarnish. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.