Sea Turtle Gratitude Set
Sea Turtle Gratitude Set
Sea Turtle Gratitude Set

Sea Turtle Gratitude Set

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Each purchase out of this line gives back to charity. There are main sets and bracelet where 50% of the proceeds are donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity at the end of every month. The other 50% goes towards material cost and the ability to buy more material to make new and unique sets. I as a designer and company am donating my time to this line in away to create this donation to charity possible. 


Special sets will be offered for a month of Awareness. During that month, 100% of my time and material will be donated and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a special cause and charity for that month. Everything from Health related issues, to military families, to anti-bulling acts will be donated too. 


These are bracelets and bracelet sets that are made out of waxed polyester cording, allowing these bracelets to be very strong, waterproof and durable. One Size fits all, Adjustable pull strong and stretch bracelets within sets.

One size fits most. Adjustable and standard 7" stretch.