Raw Pink Tourmaline Stone
Raw Pink Tourmaline Stone

Raw Pink Tourmaline Stone

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It is said that pink tourmaline or rubellite is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the material and spiritual plane, providing security to love, inspire confidence, disperses emotional pain and old destructive feelings promoting peace and relaxation, the tourmaline pink connects you with wisdom and compassion, help us to give a purpose actively, energetic and dedicated, makes us sociable, cheerful, and encourages the joy of sexuality.

This Pink Tourmaline is in its rawest form mines and Non-manipulated.

DISCLAIMER: Wandering Willow Designs is not a medical professional and do not imply to use crystals and stones in substitute of your medical professionals advice or medications. They are meant to aid in your symptoms & mind frame if used correctly. 
images may appear slightly different from screen to screen but tried to capture their true beauty as they are in person.