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My Story...


Wandering Willow Designs is based off the free spirit both physical and emotional. We specialize in custom Healing Stone & Bohemian Wearable Art jewelry, to fit your specific needs, Bohemian Inspired Designs, One of a Kind Pieces, Chakra Jewelry, and even Diffusing Jewelry, so you can wear and smell your oils in style. 

About the Designer: My name is Erin Erhardt, and I started my passion to make jewelry 24 years ago, and 4 years ago, I started RustiChic Designs before rebranding to Wandering Willow Designs. I have a very clear vision of my work, and each piece shows the passion I have for Designing jewelry. 

My personal life: I have an amazing Fiancé I have been with for almost 10 years, 2 girls, one 13 yrs old, and the other 5 years old. After my second was born, we decided to have me become a stay at home mom, and was able to drive my passion to become a work at home mom and develop Wandering Willow Designs. 2 years into my business adventure, I was diagnosed with Mulitple Sclerois, making my body forgetting fine motor skills and my ablitly to write. I pushed through and retaught myself how to use my hands, being able to contiue my passion of jewerly designing. I have muscle spasms and stiff knuckle joints everyday, but by determination I fight through it so im able to keep doing what I love.

When I'm not sitting down designing, my family and I enjoy going on road trips to the mountains, hiking, exploring nature, traveling Dance mom, going to dance competitions, and enjoying all the positivity and joy in life.